Value Added Services

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We offer one - stop supply chain solutions. Consequently, our partners can be carefree and thus focus on more urgent matters.

Due to our vast supply chain network of partners, we guarantee the on-time delivery of the structure to the project. Thus, no project delays occur during construction. Something which is of paramount importance for all project stakeholders.

  • Container loading
  • Container shipping
  • Container tracking
  • Container on-site delivery

The one-stop shop solution secures the on-time delivery with a ‘’hustle’’ free process for the project stakeholders.

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Tight quality control Reduced manufacturing time

Sigma has invested in software and hardware to achieve a very tight and transparent manufacturing procedure and accessibility in the same time.

Through our software, we can track every single part position and the precise manufacturing time of it, as well. That leads to a clear and transparent delivery time to the project's stakeholders.

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Quality assurance process

The Sigma Family takes quality assurance quite seriously!

From the moment an order has been secured, the following steps are being conducted:

A Pre-manufacturing Design phase
B Raw material Specifications
C Manufactured bars conformity Specifications
D Manufactured products Loading conformity
E Project storage Specifications
F Assembly and commissioning

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Engineering and support


Detailed visualized / live installation manuals accompanied by AR or VR slides. These technology manuals help the installation and assembly process become clear and easily understandable for the EPC, leaving no room for misinterpretation.


Design of the piles' foundations based on the geotechnical report. Upon request, we conduct the structural foundation report according to EN1993 and EN1997.


Commissioning support / On-site crew training / Quality project assurance


Photogrammetry 3D scanning, for slope terrain and 3D structure precise lay out based on the 3D scanning.

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Structural calculation


Wind loads determination

We consider the wind loads determination as the most important aspect of the whole project. Therefore, we have partnered with some of the most prominent and experienced companies in the specific filed ( RWDI, CPP). We have performed wind tunnel tests for both structure types (fixed post and tracker). The specific tests are static and aeroelastic as well.


Weather consulting ( wind and snow assessment )

A local climate model is required to provide site-specific wind and snow loading assessments of the structure. However, at certain times, the limited meteorological records available for the project’s region do not allow a reliable local climate model to develop based only on historical records, and thus, high-resolution mesoscale meteorological simulations are required.

Apart from that, the anticipated snow drift conditions based on the results of the water tunnel investigation are collected and summarized to outline areas within the ground mounted arrays that have the highest potential for snow drifting.